Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alison Haislip Legs - Call of Beauty

For those not in-tune with the gaming world, it’s easy to stereotype the individuals within: nerdy, non-socials that are one quality distinctly: men. It’s rare you see a smoking hot blonde with an adept sense of humor and a gaggle of men fawning over her who can also kick your ass in Call of Duty.

Enter Alison Haislip. Her name sounds fairly dainty when you first hear it: girly and polite; it rolls off the tongue with grace. She could be the girl-next-door, loveable and relatable, who rolls with the guys but enjoys dressing up, yet has looks good enough to scorch the pages of Maxim.

The most surprising thing about this otherwise assumedly feminine name is that it belongs to one of the most knowledgeable gamers in the country, an industry that is not typically associated with women at all. And, she’s a self-proclaimed nerd. more

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