Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kate Beckinsale Legs and Toe Cleavage

LOS ANGELES — Kate Beckinsale is just a harried mom. She’s trying hard to convince you of that fact today despite the 10-foot billboard of her in the tightest leather catsuit known to womankind overlooking greater L.A.
Is this your average stint at motherhood in 2012?
“I have a very strange existence,” she says. “One minute, I’m in the carpool lane with my daughter. The next minute I’m fighting zombies and werewolves in constricting leather. more

Kate Beckinsale says people should never go parasailing.
The 'Underworld' actress was on vacation with her daughter Lily when she thought it would be fun for them both to take part in the popular beach activity, but did not find it so enjoyable once she was in the air being pulled by a speed boat. more

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